May 2022 – April 2023

Delivery and installation

Broomhill has resources and is capable of displaying heavy-duty works plus assisting with collection and installation. The practicalities of each piece submitted will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The application is for durable outdoor sculpture. We encourage artist to submit existing works, however, incomplete works will be considered if the artist is confident that they can have the work ready for May 2022. Speculative works will be subject to approval, prior to delivery, once realised.

There is no specific theme for the exhibition. It is an opportunity for the artists of the RSS to exhibit work in a sympathetic, commercial exhibition space for sculpture.

The exhibition will be educationally accessible, providing media formats suited to individuals with diverse cognitive abilities; including individuals with learning disabilities, blind and deaf visitors to enjoy.

Artwork will be accompanied with extensive information on the artists who created them via online content with links to external websites and social media platforms.

Accessibility Actions

  • Accessible writing on signage – critical writing online
  • Descriptive commentary in audio format
  • Warnings for light, kinetic and sound works
  • Video content for those who cannot access the full site
  • Free entrance for associated community support groups


  • We are very much aware and proactive in the battle against climate change at Broomhill which has several carbon capture/biodiversity projects already in place:

            5 acres allocated to rewilding


            Allocation and construction of insect refuge zones

            New 1-acre organic kitchen farm

            Ongoing biodiversification of entire site

            5 acres of grassland allocated for Agroforest in collaboration with Woodland Trust


  • A percentage of proceeds of every exhibition ticket will be donated to TFGC conservation
  • Broomhill will donate a percentage of any commission earned from the sale of artwork to TFGC
  • Artists are encouraged to opt-in to donate percentage of any sales to TFGC

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