Broomhill Estate: Sculpture Garden – Royal Society of Sculptors member only opportunity

When: May 2022 – April 2023

What: Durable outdoor work only

Where: Devon


Exhibit existing work in a garden dedicated to the support of contemporary art in symbiosis with the natural world, stimulating intrigue and nurturing wellbeing. Your work will be displayed in one of the UK’s UNESCO biospheres and will be part of the journey in connecting people to the outside world. An opportunity for members of the Royal Society of Sculptors to showcase alongside some of the UK’s leading professional artists.

Work will be documented with signage, bespoke individual webpages, an audio tour, professional photography, and video throughout the year.

This opportunity is open to members of the Royal Society of Sculptors only.

Broomhill Estate

10 acres of sculpture gardens

  • Under new ownership Frictionless Fine Art 2021
  • Organisers of the National Sculpture Prize
  • Soon to expand into 103 acres of adjacent woodlands and meadows
  • 7 bedroom art hotel
  • Estimate 25,000 visitors 2022
  • Located in an UNESCO Biosphere
  • Supporting
    • Contemporary sculpture
    • Biodiversity
    • Sustainable community

Sculpture Garden

The exhibition will be housed in 5 acres of the estates established Edwardian gardens, which has been established with a sculpture trail for 25 years. The evolving ethos to the garden is ‘Function in-Form’ – meaning we select artwork and planting with substance oppose simply aesthetics. Criteria include artwork that:

  • Conveys a message
  • Demonstrates critical thinking
  • Is innovative in design
  • Demonstrates outstanding technical capabilities

and plants which either:

  • support biodiversity
  • are edible
  • have medicinal benefits

Alongside decorative planting which is again selected with the previous criteria in mind.

The form of the garden takes shape with consideration of the selection of plants that accompany the artworks, complimenting aesthetics and echoing any philosophies attributed to the work.


Broomhill is set within the UK’s first of seven UNESCO registered Biospheres. Biosphere reserves are ‘learning places for sustainable development’. They are sites for testing interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and managing changes and interactions between social and ecological systems, including conflict prevention and management of biodiversity. They are places that provide local solutions to global challenges. Biosphere reserves include inland, marine, and coastal ecosystems. Each site promotes solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. Showcase your work in a garden which actively supports and educates visitors with an accessible example of sustainable practice and wildlife habitat encouragement.


Art that is tangible, an exhibition that is purposeful


Display areas include:

  • On grass
  • In plant beds
  • On hillsides (natural elevation)
  • Next to water
  • In water
  • By the river

Artists will need to specify desired characteristics of location and we will then shortlist spaces to those criteria, the final selection will be offered to artists via site-visit or shared photo and video. If sites are selected by more than 1 artist, judges will have the final decision on allocations.

Maintenance and Durability

The sculpture will be in a public space for the duration of one year and therefore applicants are expected to consider the issues of long-term maintenance of the artwork. Sculpture will be exposed to weather and physical stresses, therefore artwork submitted must be fabricated of highly durable, low-maintenance materials.

The Broomhill technicians will maintain a cleaning schedule and monitor work. Work such as waxing, and winter protection is well within the technicians remit with the artist blessing and instruction.

Artists are always welcome to visit and carry out maintenance if they desire.

Artist Benefits

  • Hi-res videos – for examples view Instagram and Facebook
  • Professional photography throughout the seasons
  • Included in PR and marketing campaigns
  • As a commercial gallery Broomhill will endeavour to actively promote artwork to prospective investors
  • Presence on website with full in-depth individual page for each artist, see example
  • Ongoing maintenance of installations and surrounding gardens
  • Signage
  • Audio tour inclusion summer 2022
  • Flyers
  • Promotional postcards and magnets
  • One night stay in the Art Hotel during installation B&B and dinner
  • Broomhill hosts a multitude of events, attracting a diverse demographic

Prospective Activities

  • Space to run a workshop to paying public and community support groups
  • Ongoing support and exhibition space from Broomhill Estate

Funding and Support Available

  • Up to £300 to artist for delivery and assisting with install per piece.
  • Hiab will be provided to collect and return heavy duty works, Sculpture Transport ltd has Unimog hiab, suited to our site
  • Additional 3.5tonne vehicle with 500kg tail lift will be available to help with logistics
  • Free Nights stay at Broomhill Art Hotel, B&B + Dinner
  • Waxing, cleaning and any maintenance will be carried out under artist instruction


  • Outdoor durable sculpture only, safe for human interaction and structurally sound.
  • Specifications of installation process and foundations will need to be provided at point of selection
  • Please provide retail price of work – which must reflect current and past trends specific to the artist themselves and must be honored for no less than 18 months.
    • Sculpture must be priced competitively/mirror market value whether sold by the artist or via an agent. This applies to editions and comparable works in the artists collection. The gallery cannot be seen inflating the price of an artist’s work.




bo.lee gallery was founded in 2009 in Bath by Jemma Hickman, and later relocated to South East London. The gallery represents emerging to mid- career artists, and has gained a reputation for its distinctive and thought provoking programme, with quality and authenticity at its core.

Charlie Powell

Broomhill Sculpture Gardens Curator

Charlie Powell is a sculptor and curator-in-chief at Broomhill Estate. In 2021 the estate was taken over by Frictionless Fine Arts with Charlie at the helm of the curation strategy and overall vision for the estate as a holistic entity. Over the past 25 years, under the previous ownership, a “Guggenheim style” collection evolved at the estate which was collected by a private couple to own and love and share with the public. The vision for the future curation strategy is to hone a collection featuring established artists alongside emerging talent and exist as a commercial gallery and case study for sustainable practices. Having spent over a decade in the arts Charlie has a network of experts including: artists, foundries, fabricators and curators whose collective knowledge and experience will help to drive the vision of the estate as a sanctuary for contemporary art. The goal of the exhibition is more than aesthetic: Seeking to showcase art that is purposeful and utilising art as a vehicle for socio/economic and environmental change for the benefit of the local community and wider audience.

Entry Fee

There is no charge to apply for this opportunity.

Entry Process

To complete this application, please provide the following:

  • Up to 5 images of existing works
  • Specification of desired characteristics of location
  • An artist statement of no more than 400 words.
  • A CV of no more than two pages long
  • Optional: pledge for workshop

The closing deadline for online submissions is 5pm, Monday 4 April 2022. Notification of all results will be sent by email early April.

Key Dates

Deadline for applications5pm, Monday 4 April 2022
Notifications of resultsearly April 2022
Installationearly May 2022
Open to the public 10 May 2022

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